Dermaplaning is a simple and gentle form of manual exfoliation. During the treatment, an esthetician-grade, sterile blade is gently stroked along the skin to remove surface dead skin cells and temporarily remove fine vellus hair of the face (peach fuzz). Dermaplaning improves the effectiveness of your in-treatment and home skincare program by enhancing product absorption. Enjoy exceptionally smooth, polished, and glowing skin without the potential redness and swelling that may accompany other manual exfoliating treatments. All skin types can benefit from dermaplaning, but it not recommended for clients with active acne. 

Dermaplaning Facial

A customized facial to address all your skin concerns or needs. Includes deep cleansing, dermaplaning exfoliation, masque treatment, serum, eye and lip support, moisturizer and sun protection. 60 min. (allow 90 min. for full appointment)